Natural Hemp Tug Toy

Type: Dog Toys

Our natural hemp tug toys are the perfect toy for two way play between you and your furry friend! Our tug toys are made from hemp, a natural and sustainable material which is kinder on the environment.

Hemp rope helps to clean your dog's teeth, is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Hemp is also biodegradable, requires no pesticides to grow and less water than cotton.

We have two sizes available:

Small - Made from 8mm thick hemp rope - most suitable for small breeds of dogs.

Large - Made from 12mm thick hemp rope - most suitable for medium - large breeds of dogs.

All our tug toys are handmade by Adrian from our home in Salisbury, Wiltshire. 

Additional Info: Hemp rope has a natural smell to it, your dog will love this and will enjoy his hemp toy even more than it's cotton cousins. Always supervise your dog with any toy, depending on how much of a chewer your dog is our tug toys will loose fibres. Please bear this in mind if your dog is a heavy chewer!