Environmental Policy

At Tag and Collar the environment and our impact on it, is always at the front of our minds. It is important to us that our products, packaging and the way we work are sustainable and cause as little harm to the environment as possible.

Our products and packaging are made using sustainable materials that will biodegrade or can be recycled and where possible have been made from recycled materials. We do not use materials made from fossil fuels, animal products, or plastic. We are a 100% zero plastic company! 

We love our planet and the animals we share it with! We do not use animal products such as leather and are careful to use vegan alternatives, such as the vegan ink we use to stamp our packaging with. 

We are big fans of supporting small and local, sourcing most of our supplies from the UK, with just one supplier based in Europe. We hope to be able to find a UK alternative for this supplier in the future, keeping our carbon footprint down.

We use sustainable, good quality materials. We do not believe in buying cheap or importing from abroad to increase our profit margins. We make honest items that are good for you, your furry friend and the planet.

We are all learning, if you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve further, please do send us a message.